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Video Testimonials

  • personal injury Attorneys


    "I looked at that check and I just couldn't believe it"

  • personal injury


    "I didn't have to go to court and that's what I was pleased about."

  • personal injury law


    "Thank you Alexander and Catalano for helping me out when I needed it."

  • personal injury Attorneys


    "They made me feel very important, like I was their main priority."

  • personal injury


    "I did not expect them to get how much they got for me."

  • personal injury law


    "I tried calling other lawyers and they said I wasn't going to get anything out of the case. I tried Alexander & Catalano and they sent someone over right away."

  • personal injury Attorneys


    "Always answered, always called right back; made me feel like I was important."

  • personal injury


    "As soon as I called without even signing on as a client they were able to help me out."

  • personal injury law


    "I never had to do anything, they did it all for me."

  • personal injury Attorneys


    "They just told me to relax and they'd take care of the rest and that's exactly what they did."

TV Commercials

  • personal injury

    The Power of Persuasion

    The power of a heavy hitter

  • Attorney

    The art of Law - Jamie

    "When I had an injured client a check, I feel like I've given them a little bit of their life back"

  • Attorney

    The art of Law - Peter

    "Put your worries on me, I'll take care of that, you worry about your health and healing"

  • personal injury

    Land on your feet

    "We're Alexander and Catalano we know how to get you the money you deserve"

  • personal injury Attorneys

    Here Doggie

    "Call Alexander and Catalano the Heavy Hitters"

  • personal injury law

    Why are you honking

    "We get insurance companies to pay doctors bills, fix cars and money for pain and suffering"

  • personal injury

    Life starts falling apart

    "We find there may be more money that they're not telling you about"

  • personal injury Attorneys

    Quality Counts

    "Quality counts, last year we helped nearly nine thousand callers with their injury claims"

  • the heavy hitters

    Picture your heros

    "Picture a hero who's always there for you. Now who is your hero?"

  • slip and fall

    A fall may not be your fault

    "Fall and get hurt, it may not be your fault. The business may have to pay."

  • personal injury law

    Speed is what you need

    "You want every dollar you deserve, you want it now and stay out of court."

  • Transforming your car wreck

    Transforming your car wreck

    "Call the Heavy Hitters we can often get you more money than they're telling you about"

  • personal injury

    Motorcycle Accidents

    If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, we can help you.

At Alexander & Catalano, we are here to help personal injury and accident victims. Our attorneys take the guess work out of this difficult process so that you and your family can focus on what's most important - healing. That's what we do.

We are advocates for injured clients. Alexander & Catalano strives to resolve each personal injury case in an effective and timely manner. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and are a client service driven organization. Our objective is to help you fully recover.

Our Attorneys

  • James Alexander

  • Peter Catalano

  • Tim Mandronico

  • Peter J. Addonizio